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On TV I have sold more than $2.5 billion dollars worth of products using...

The Power of Camera

Start Selling Online Through Your Camera

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"I learned to master my pitch and connect to my audience to make sales through facebook live. HIGHLY recommend this training for anyone looking to start selling online!!!"

What is Crush it on Camera?

When YOU learn to perfect the art of communication because you can effectively influence and persuade people to take action towards anything you want. If you want new customers in todays day and age, you need to learn to Crush it on Camera





the Fastest way to make money in this new economy is

Video is king. In fact right after toilet paper sold out, webcams did.

Zoom went from 2 million users to 25 million... A DAY.

No longer do you have the luxury of saying, "I'm not good on camera."
EVERYTHING is on camera. Your meetings, talking to family, summits, etc.

Everybody is using zoom to keep in connection, facebook live's to reach there following, and youtube to continue to work on their business by sharing it with the world.


Facebook is the largest social platform in the world, with 2 BILLION users daily and Facebook Live and Instagram live are the single fastest growing ways to market your product or service. 

But if you can't Crush it on Camera you miss out on this FREE way to promote your product/service.

Don't Be Left Behind

Youtube is all video and one of the fastest ways to monetize your message. If you have a clear message, FOR FREE, they let you create a channel and access to an extraordinary platform to promote your product or service out to the world.

YOU don't need to be a youtube star to monetize the platform... but YOU have to have a clear message, understand your niche and the SECRETS to capitalize it!

Forbes Riley has made her entire career ON CAMERA, whether it was cable tv, infomercials and live home shopping. Now she is CRUSHING it on Zoom, Facebook, and Youtube. In this training she shares 3 decades of insightful tips, tricks and strategies, but that's not all. In this training is a 5 day, interactive, on camera CHALLENGE that will change the way YOU do business forever.
It's Time for YOU to Join "CRUSH IT ON CAMERA"
YES, Video is the New Normal
Why sell one-on-one when you can make a sales video and turn it into unlimited sales with no additional work!

Selling online is the fastest way to target your audience, hone down on your niche and have the ability (if you can crush it on camera) to make more money then you ever imagined!
Class size is limited & they fill up fast. You are invited to join us so you can Crush it on Camera.

How The Camera Changed My Life

I turned video into a multi-million dollar career...

Creators of the Infomercial

(The King and Queen of Pitch)

Forbes, alongside Kevin Harrington from TV hit show, Shark Tank, helped create the birth of the infomercial. They have worked together for over 30 years, pitched a variety of products on television that ranged from juicers to skin care, home improvement and more... to the tune of billions.

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Gave Kim Kardashian Her Start

(Her Career is the Power of Video)

When Forbes meet Kim, after doing a vitamin commercial with her step dad, Bruce Jenner, she had no TV credits. Remember this was pre "Keeping up with the Kardashian." I had the honor of giving her, her very first TV appearance on an informercial selling a steam iron because at the time she was a celebrity closet organizer. Ryan Secrest then launched her reality show and the rest is history.

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The Jack Lalanne Juicer

(Over $1 Billion in Sales)

Along side the fitness legend of all time, Jack and Elaine Lalanne we sold $1 billion worth of juicers in 8 years in 80 countries. Jacks career also included being on his own TV series for 37 years. Even though Jack is gone because of his skill on camera, his inspirational messages will live on forever.

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Fit-TV: Body by Jake

(Sold over 1500 Fitness Products on TV)

Jake, more then anyone knew the power of video. He parlayed our little cable TV show into a $500 million deal with Fox TV. Together we sold more than 1500 lifestyle and healthy fitness products. He was a visionary and the first, before home shopping, to embrace the power of selling on TV. It was from him that my love of the PITCH originated. If YOU can pitch and crush it on camera... the sky is the limit.

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Crush it On Camera is Changing Lives

My students success stories...    

Learn our secret behind selling online...
The Video Sales Letter
In Class I teach you how to master The ART of being on camera so you can make money selling online!
Here's how it works...
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Ready to Crush it on Camera?

"It's Time For You To Win!" -

This is a 7 Day Intensive Training

8 hours of Live Training "one-on-one" with Forbes Riley
BONUS! Interactive 5 day Challenge

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What You Get-

  • 2 Day, 4 hours each day, 2 weeks - LIVE ZOOM Training with Forbes Riley
  • ​5 Day "Crush it on Camera" Challenge
  • MASTER YOUR Perfect Pitch
  • ​Get more YESes
  • ​​LEARN to monetize quickly!!
  • ​Work One-on-One with the $2.5 Billion Dollar TV Host Forbes Riley


  • Access to Pitch Training Online: Pitch Like a Pro! ($297 value)
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